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Power Insider – May 2017

Newsletter Issue 01

May 2017 Articles:


Wolverine Power Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Wolverine Power Systems - Powering Michigan since 1997. Generac Industrial Power Distributor for emergency backup power generators.Wolverine Power is proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year! As we reflect on those twenty years we are grateful to both the customers we serve and the employees who have exemplified our ideals and commitment to excellence. From our single location in 1997, Wolverine Power Systems has been blessed with continued growth. We now have four locations throughout the state of Michigan staffed with ever growing numbers to position, support and respond to the needs of you, our customers. And we’re still growing strong!

We are very excited about the future of Wolverine Power Systems. As we strive for continuous improvement throughout our organization, our goal and commitment remains to be a trusted partner in the success of your organization. Our top-notch expanded training center ensures that each employee has the knowledge to handle any situation. “Wolverine Power Systems has seen tremendous growth from an employee perspective over the past 20 years. Starting with just a few employees, we are now over 70 strong. We are intentional about hiring the right people for the right seats and encourage personal and professional growth at all levels of the organization. We hire and promote based on our Core Values, and I firmly believe we have the right team in place to carry us through the next 20 years and beyond,” says Matt Wehrmeyer, Human Resources Director.

We also are excited to offer the best equipment in the industry. Generac’s line of industrial generators truly offer superior performance and value. From industrial to home standby generators, Generac products are the gold-standard in the emergency power industry.

Last but not least we also undertook a rebranding project, freshening up our corporate logo and creating a distinctive mark to celebrate our 20th anniversary milestone. We also encourage you to visit our website to see our new corporate look in action. Thank you again for your business and the trust you’ve placed in Wolverine Power Systems. We look forward to serving you the next 20 years and beyond!

Even Modest Generator Projects Can Realize the Benefits of On-Generator Paralleling

Modular Power Systems - Generac Industrial GeneratorsWith the advent of on-generator controllers, paralleling systems are being used more frequently for modest or low kW projects due to the advantages in reliability, redundancy, scalability, flexibility, availability, serviceability and ease of use offered by these newer systems. They are also used on projects where space requirements pose challenges for larger generators.

Advantages of Parallel Generation vs. Single Genset Configurations

Parallel generation offers many advantages versus single genset configuration including better reliability, redundancy, reduced cost and space requirements, and the flexibility to add or subtract generators from the system depending on growth and usage.

Generac’s Modular Power System (MPS) feature generator mounted paralleling switches which allows the generators to automatically connect to a common generator bus without the need for external switching devices. With the on-generator integration of the paralleling switching, there is no need for expensive and complicated third-party switchgear,” said Mark Sweeney, Business Manager – North Central for Generac.

The generators are simply cabled to a common electrical connection point: junction box, large transfer switch, or a distribution panel. Through this level of integration Generac has been able to offer thousands of parallel solutions at the price point of single larger capacity generator (i.e. 3 x 500 kW for the same cost as a 1 x 1500 kW). The MPS extends up to 9000 kW (15 x 600 kW) with a different hardware configuration to support the system capacity increases.

Redundancy Gains with Paralleling

Parallel power generation is simply more reliable than single engine generator solutions. With multiple generators on call, redundancy is built-in and reliability is increased because each generator backs up the other. The resulting gains in reliability for the critical loads are significant. For example, if a standby generator has an assumed reliability of 98%, an N+1 configuration has a reliability of 99.96% and an N+2 configuration has a reliability of five nines (99.999%).

Expandability Benefits with Paralleling

Many times when sizing generators, it is difficult to adequately plan for anticipated load growth. If growth projections are too aggressive, precious project capital is expended before it is necessary. If growth projections are too low, the facility may be left without reliable standby power or require expensive generator upgrades.

Generac’s MPS solutions allow users to simply “plug and play” additional generation modules anytime they are required. Smaller units of different kilowatt ratings could be used in any combination to meet a particular load profile.

Location Flexibility

Utilizing multiple smaller generators instead of a single large unit solution also offers greater application flexibility. This can be a significant advantage in meeting many site-specific logistical constraints. Multiple smaller generators offer greater weight distribution making roof-top installations more feasible.

Smaller generators are also shorter and lower, providing flexibility in applications with height or depth constraints. This often opens up the parking garage as another location possibility for the generators. In addition, the generators do not need to be located side-by-side or even together, thus providing significant installation flexibility for retrofit projects.

For more information about Generac’s multi-faceted MPS solutions, please contact Wolverine Power Systems, call 800.485.8068 or email

Wolverine Power Hosts Generac Industrial Demo Truck this September

Generac Demo TruckAttention engineers and contractors, the Generac Demo Trailer is coming to Wolverine Power! The Generac Industrial Demo Truck is a 53-foot tractor-trailer that tours the country showcasing Generac’s new industrial products and services. You’ll get to see two live parallel generators, including MPS and bi-fuel systems. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about power generation – sizing, unique applications, code compliance and installation, spec writing and value engineering!

Wolverine Power Systems will have the Power Demo Trailer in Michigan Sept. 11 – 15th, 2017.

Contact us to schedule a time to see the GENERAC Industrial Power Demo Truck.