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Why Diesel Fuel Polishing in Michigan is Essential

If you’re in Michigan and rely on diesel fuel for your critical power needs, then you know how important it is to ensure that your fuel is clean and efficient. That’s where diesel fuel polishing comes in.

Any diesel storage tank, such as for generators, onsite storage tanks, boats, trucks, RVs, etc., should get periodic diesel fuel polishing or diesel fuel cleaning service to keep it clean and free from contaminants.

Why Fuel Polishing for Diesel Fuel is Important?

Diesel fuel is vulnerable to contamination from dirt, condensation, and even bacteria, which can cause fuel degradation in as little as 6 months. Moreover, federal regulations on sulfur limits set on diesel fuel production can cause it to break down faster. As a result, diesel fuel polishing or diesel fuel cleaning service is essential to remove impurities and ensure that your diesel fuel is in optimal condition for efficient and reliable operation.

Diesel Fuel Polishing / Diesel Fuel Cleaning Service in Michigan by Wolverine Power Systems

Advantages of Diesel Engine and Regular Maintenance

Diesel engines offer durability and reliability, making them a preferred choice for many industries. However, like any machinery, routine and scheduled maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance, particularly during critical times such as power outages. Diesel fuel tanks for critical power diesel generators are no exception. By investing in diesel fuel polishing or diesel fuel cleaning service, you can prevent engine breakdowns, decreased performance, and increased emissions while extending the life of your diesel engine.

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Diesel Fuel Polishing / Diesel Fuel Cleaning

Since many diesel engine problems stem from the fuel tank, the process of fuel polishing will decontaminate and treat the fuel source which improves the over-all performance of a diesel generator. With the Michigan weather conditions, we recommend fuel polishing be done regularly on diesel fuel stored for an extended period.Diesel fuel Polishing - Diesel fuel cleaning services in Michigan by Wolverine Power Systems

If you rely on a diesel generator for critical power, then you know how important it is to ensure the fuel source is clean and efficient. That’s why regular diesel fuel polishing or diesel fuel cleaning is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and preventing engine problems.

Wolverine Power Systems understands the importance of fuel polishing, and our specially trained technicians are equipped to test and treat your diesel fuel storage tanks to eliminate contaminants above 1 micron. We recommend that fuel polishing be done regularly, especially for diesel fuel that is stored for an extended period.

No matter the size of your fuel tank, we can handle the job. Don’t wait until it’s too late to maintain your diesel generator’s reliability and efficiency. Trust Wolverine Power Systems for all of your diesel fuel polishing and diesel fuel cleaning needs in Michigan.

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Maximize the performance of your diesel engine

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Wolverine Power Systems has decades of experience with diesel engine service since we are a Generac Industrial Power generator distributor servicing all of Michigan for natural gas and diesel generators.

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