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Why Fuel Polishing for Diesel Fuel?

Advantages of a diesel generator make it a strong choice for many companies because of durability and reliability.  With all important machinery, routine and scheduled maintenance are essential to ensure your equipment is ready to work during critical times such as a power outage.  Fuel tanks for diesel generators are no exception. Diesel fuel is at risk to contamination from dirt, condensation and even bacteria as degradation can begin in as little as 6 months.

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Fuel Polishing

Since many diesel engine problems stem from the fuel tank, the process of fuel polishing will decontaminate and treat the fuel source which improves the over-all performance of a diesel generator. We recommend fuel polishing be done regularly on diesel fuel stored for an extended period.

Our specially trained technicians will test the fuel to ensure the best polishing process to eliminate contaminates above 1 micron. We can treat any size fuel tank – no minimum or maximum.

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