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Generac home standby generator

Generac Home Standby Generators

Need a home generator? With the help of Wolverine Power Systems, you can be sure that your home and family are protected with a whole house generator. As generator experts, we specialize in Generac generators. Stop in any of our locations throughout Michigan to see a whole line-up of Generac home standby generators for review and we’ll be ready to answer your questions.

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Wolverine Power Systems - Powering Michigan since 1997. Shop for emergency backup power generators for your home or business.
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Home Generator Backup Power Solutions

Whether you want emergency standby home generator for your entire home, or prefer a pre-wired system that provides backup for a few essential circuits, we have the affordable, reliable solutions you need to keep your family safe and comfortable until utility power is restored throughout Michigan.

Generac Power Systems - the best backup generator for your home or business.

Value - What it Means to Choose Wolverine Power Systems

  • We care about you and your safety, having you ready and prepared with power when needed most!
  • Since 1995, we have been specializing in home generators and outdoor power products in Michigan
  • We’ll work with you and walk you through the process of choosing the right home generator for your home
  • We have a full team of trained and certified technicians ready to provide full service and support throughout Michigan
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service throughout Michigan
  • Multiple locations throughout Michigan for service and parts
  • Parts are easy to get – we have thousands of parts in stock and can special order those hard to find parts
  • We are an authorized Generac Distributor, we work with the manufacturer directly
  • Locally owned and operated

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Generac Home Standby Air-Cooled Generators

Michigan weather is unpredictable. Protect your home from power outages with a Generac automatic home standby generator. Choose to backup your most important circuits, or provide emergency power for your entire home.

5 Different Sizes

Choose from five Generac home standby generator sizes for the level of protection that is right for you.

  • 9 kW – A very affordable standby generator
  • 11 kW – One of the only 11 kW that can start a 3-ton* A/C with power to spare
  • 16 kW – Only Generac can produce 16 kW on both LP and natural gas
  • 20 kW – Available with an aluminum enclosure for highly corrosive environments
  • 22 kW – Standard aluminum enclosure and Quiet-Test™

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Generac - Guardian 20kW backup generator for home from Wolverine Power Systems in Michigan

Generac Power Systems - the best backup generator for your home or business.

Get the Right Generator System for You

Wolverine Power Systems will help you find the right backup power generator system for Michigan.

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Generac generators - home backup power QT Series 100kw at Wolverine Power Systems in Michigan

Generac Power Systems - the best backup generator for your home or business.

Home Backup Generators for Larger Applications

QT Series Liquid-Cooled Generators by Generac

These revolutionary generators are exceptionally quiet, environmentally friendly and, in commercial and light industrial applications, so affordable that they often pay for themselves during a single power outage.

Clean burning, natural gas or LPV operation means fewer exhaust emissions, no diesel odor, no risk of environmental liability due to fuel spills, and no need for refueling, fuel maintenance, or expensive diesel tanks. Thanks to Generac’s exclusive Quiet-Test™ feature, the weekly self-test is more fuel efficient and as quiet as an idling car.

A Durable, Weather Resistant Protective Enclosure

The tough, textured powder-coat paint finish provides unmatched durability and weather resistance, or for additional protection that holds up in Michigan weather, all-aluminum enclosures that withstand highly corrosive environments are available on some models. UL Listed for safety and certified power ratings.

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Wolverine Power Systems will help you find the right backup power generator system for Michigan.

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Portable Generator with Impressive Power

Wolverine Power Systems, serving all of Michigan, has a many sizes of portable generators in stock, whether you need a small inverter, mid-size for portability, or large kW workhorse.

Two of the most powerful portable generators on the market, Generac’s 15,000- and 17,500-watt models are powered by Generac’s OHVI® V-Twin industrial engine — the only air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators. In addition to offering smooth, quiet operation and the best value available, Generac portable generators have been reviewed by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute and earned the Good Houskeeping Seal.

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Generac portable generators| new or for rent | available at Wolverine Power Systems in Michigan

Generac Power Systems - the best backup generator for your home or business.

Get the Right Generator System for You

Wolverine Power Systems will help you find the right backup power generator system for your Michigan home.

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How Does A Home Standby Generator Work?

A Generac home standby power generator can sense a power outage, automatically turn on and deliver the backup power your home requires. And the generator will run until the utility power is restored – whether it’s two hours or two weeks.

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Generac Power Systems - the best backup generator for your home or business.

Commonly Asked Questions About Home Standby Generators

What size generator do I need?

The size of the generator you need depends on the number of appliances and equipment you want to power during an outage. A common method is to make a list of essential equipment, tally up their wattage requirements, and then select a generator that can accommodate the total. Most homeowners typically need a generator between 5,000 to 20,000 watts for home use.

How much will a generator cost me?

Costs can vary widely based on size, location, utility access, code requirements, etc. Because of these variables, we’d need to see in person each project to provide an accurate cost. We offer free estimates.

Should I purchase a standby generator or a portable generator?

Standby generators offer more power and kick in automatically during an outage. They’re more expensive but are ideal for long power outages. Portable generators are more affordable and can be moved around, but you’ll need to start them manually and they might not power your entire home.

Which fuel type should I use?

Common fuel types include gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and propane. Your choice should depend on fuel availability, storage, cost, and the generator’s intended use. For instance, while gasoline is readily available, it has a shorter shelf life than diesel. Natural gas and propane can be directly tapped from home lines, making refueling unnecessary.

Which type of generator is best?

“Best” is subjective. For long-term, hassle-free backup power, a standby generator is ideal. For occasional use or situations requiring mobility, a portable generator might be more suitable.

Where should I put my generator?

Generators should be placed outdoors due to exhaust fumes. They should be on a stable platform, away from windows or vents to prevent fumes from entering the home. Maintain clearance from combustibles and follow manufacturer recommendations.

Does my generator have to be maintained?

Yes. Like any engine-powered equipment, generators need regular maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, and general inspections to ensure longevity and reliability.

Can the voltage of a standby generator be adjusted?

Typically, home standby generators are designed to provide a standard voltage suitable for home appliances (usually 120/240V for residential use in the U.S.). Some larger, more advanced units might offer adjustable voltage, but adjusting without proper knowledge can be dangerous and harm appliances.

What is the amperage size of my main panel?

This will vary by home. To determine the amperage size of your main panel, check the main breaker in your electrical box. Common sizes for homes include 100, 150, and 200 amps.

Where is the best location in my home for a generator?

As mentioned earlier, generators should be placed outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Ideally, choose a location that’s easily accessible for maintenance, shielded from direct rain and flooding, and away from bedroom windows to minimize noise disturbances.

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