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A constant supply of power is crucial for any business or industry. So you want the expertise of true generator specialists when choosing your source of automatic standby power. As Michigan’s exclusive, statewide distributor of Generac industrial generators, Wolverine Power Systems is the only resource you need.

Generator Experts

We are the Generac experts, and Generac specializes in generators — all UL-2200 certified. Whether you’re looking for cost-efficiency, built-in redundancy, fuel options, dramatically longer run times, or proven dependability in the most demanding circumstances, we have the expertise to customize a backup system of power that will keep you going strong.

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Noted for exceptional reliability and long life in even the most challenging environments, these rugged gensets are custom configured according to each application’s requirements. The cost-effective, high-volume engines are proven for quality and durability in heavy duty applications like the trucking industry, and easily serviced by a qualified diesel technician. Alternators, enclosures, base tanks, controllers, transfer systems and other major components are designed and manufactured by Generac, and replacement parts and maintenance items are readily available.

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Generac’s Advanced Power Manager

Generac’s PowerManager® control system is by far the most advanced in the industry. To better utilize this system’s capabilities, Generac developed GenLink®, exclusive control software that allows remote monitoring of single or multiple gensets to check status or diagnose an issue via phone line, Ethernet or direct serial connection. Generator fuel options: diesel systems 10 to 9000kW, gaseous systems 10 to 4500 kW, Bi-Fuel™ systems 600kW to 9000kW.

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For large, standby power applications, Generac’s MPS provides the redundancy and superior reliability of a parallel system — at a cost typically much lower than that of large, single-engine generators. MPS combines the output of multiple, smaller gensets to meet requirements of up to 9000 kW, with no need for expensive switchgear.

A Generator System to Accommodate Growth

You can accommodate potential growth without oversizing your backup system by choosing the system you need today and adding gensets as your power needs increase.

Easy Installation
MPS gensets offer easy installation, simplified service and the shortest lead times in the industry. And because they can be separated and are light enough for roof mounting, you can use your available space to its best advantage. Fuel Options: diesel, gaseous-natural gas, Bi-Fuel™, combination fuel. FC Test.

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Built as a bi-fuel system, Generac’s exclusive solution offers dramatically extended run times and the environmental benefits of natural gas, while reducing diesel fuel storage to a manageable amount.

A Dependable Generator to Switch From Natural Gas to Diesel

The typical operating mixture consists primarily of natural gas, using only enough diesel fuel to facilitate ignition. Any interruption in the natural gas supply will cause the generator to automatically switch to 100% diesel fuel—without losing power. Comparable Cost to Diesel Generators At a cost comparable to diesel-only designs, Generac’s Bi-Fuel™ generator offers outstanding value with every advantage.

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As part of Generac’s MPS lineup, the Gemini® Twin Pack uses diesel fuel and offers the superior reliability of built-in redundancy and economies of space, with the highest power density and lowest cost-per-kilowatt in the industry. Utilizing Generac’s exclusive PowerManager® control system, Gemini combines the output of two 500kW generators to provide 1000 kW (1MW) of power inside a weather-resistant, sound-attenuated enclosure that requires up to 20% less space than a large, single-engine genset.

A Scalable Generator System

This scalable solution allows you to purchase the right system for your current needs, then, as your power requirements increase, update easily and quickly by installing as many as six additional units. If a genset is offline for maintenance, Gemini’s load shedding capability ensures that critical loads are covered. Easy Service Generator Systems The field-proven, truck and industrial engines can be routinely serviced by any qualified diesel technician using commonly available replacement parts and maintenance items.

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